Business Shaming How to Fight back

Shaming can cause irreversible damage to your business. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to deal with business shaming. A skilled business reputation management company will help repair a business’ negative image and aid in removing or hiding any business shaming that has been posted online.

The phenomenon of shaming affects individuals and companies alike.

When the shaming is directed towards an individual, the social status and sense of self worth of that person can be severely harmed. However, in due time, public attention will forget about the shaming and it will be drawn to another gossipy subject. This allows the person to devote that time to restoring their reputation.
On the other hand, shaming to a business can lead to its collapse, and some businesses cannot afford to wait for the phenomenon to be forgotten about. Whether it’s a negative review on a Facebook page, a nasty comment to an article or a post that someone puts up about the business, this type of shaming can be extremely harmful. So how can we deal with online business shaming?

Quick Reaction

The Internet works incredibly fast, so it is important that your response to the negative content gets to people’s screens quickly. You do not want the negative or embarrassing content to stay on the Internet for too long before issuing a response. A speedy response to business shaming can help prevent the post from spreading and becoming viral. Quick reactions allow you to bring your side of the story, making the negative content seem less extreme and critical.

A Thoughtful and Honest Response

In order for your response to the content to be effective and contradict the negative impression that has been created against you, it must be thoughtful and honest. Strive to formulate a response that comes from the heart and respects the client. The reply should not contain any accusations or arguments, and should allow for peaceful mediation and resolution. The key to achieving this is to express the desire you have to do your job to the best of your ability, and show your belief in the quality of your service or product. A correct response will convey a positive message of acknowledging a mistake as well as providing the opportunity for compensation and improvement in the future.

Removal and Hiding of Content

In addition to a quick and honest response, various measures can be taken in order to remove or repress the negative content from Google. If the image or video is considered harassment, you can contact the administrators of the platform where the content was posted (i.e. Google) and request that the content be removed immediately. However, it is important to keep in mind that requests to remove content are not always acknowledged.

In addition to trying to remove the content, you can post positive content about your business to help counteract and push the embarrassing citations to irrelevant places in the search results. Doing so will help make sure that only a few people will be exposed to the negative content.

Professional Support

In order to deal with the business shaming quickly and accurately, it is highly advised to contact professional companies that specialize in handling online shaming. Skilled experts will offer an effective solution to the business shaming that has been directed towards you or your company, and will offer the fastest and most effective way to restore the business’ reputation.  Hiring an online reputation management company can even minimize the possibility of damage to the business’ reputation in the future. Reputation management companies operate using an in-depth understanding of how business shaming works – and can actually use the same concepts to transform the “shaming” into an effective marketing tool.


Reputation Management Company specializes in dealing with shaming, reputation restoration and maintaining a company or individual’s name. During times of crisis, when a business’ reputation is under attack, our reputation management team will work quickly and efficiently to suppress negative content and restore the image of the business.

Although we specialize in crisis management, we highly recommend turning to us before the crisis occurs to protect your company from future business shaming.