Good positioning in Google Maps for a local business is a significant factor in success. Keys for that success are often in the hands of professional SEO marketers, but even among them, only a few lead the market and hit the jackpot with top positioning in Google Maps. Learn here how they do it.

Google Maps Secrets Revealed

The list below includes the most significant factors that affect Google My Business rankings. This list will not only help you improve your positioning, but it will also affect your conversion rate and increase the absolute number of potential customers who apply for estimates and jobs
We have summarized for you both the legit and non-legit ways to create the perfect listing. In the long run, the legit ways last, but sometimes the non-legit methods used by lead generation agencies are very powerful

Step #1: Claim your Google My Business listing (*Legit way)

When creating or claiming your business with Google, make sure you do the following:

  1. Complete every section of your Google My Business account.
  2. Select primary and secondary categories.
  3. Write a complete “from the business” description.
  4. Publish Google posts and upload new photos weekly.
  5. Answer questions and respond to reviews.
  6. Add your products and/or services.

Step #1: Claim your Google My Business listing (*Non-legit way)

Creation of fake multiple dispatch points: Some agencies create fake listings in multiple locations within their customers’ coverage areas. All listings are created in a professional way, according to the 6 sections specified in the above “Claim your Google My Business listing” paragraph.

Step #2: Get reviews (*Legit way)

Reviews are the #1 influence factor on consumer buying. Here are some ideas as to how to get those precious reviews:

  1. At the end of the work/service/purchase, ask your customer to provide you with feedback in Google.
  2. Send an email to all your past customers and ask them to share their experiences with you.

Create a QR code leading to your GMB listings for easy access for review writing, and send it to all your past customers.

Step #2: Get reviews (*Non-legit ways according to Google)

  1. Ask everyone for reviews: This includes your friends, family, high school sweetheart, neighbors, and whomever you know for a positive 5 stars detailed review (even if they did not buy your products or use your services).
  2. Buy reviews: There’s even a reviews marketplace – that connects companies with local review writers from whom you can buy reviews. Many professional agencies use that tool as a way to buy reviews for their customers.

Step #3: Spread the word (*Legit way)

Share both your website and your listing’s details in multiple locations. It is crucial that your company’s details (phone number, address, website URL & category) be consistent in all listings. Ensuring that activity has been completed correctly on websites such as Yellow Pages, Facebook, and Yelp will help significantly.

Step #3: Spread the word (*NON-Legit way)

Buying blog posts, sponsored articles, paid directories, submission services, and sponsored local citation services are all part of methodology handled by local SEO agencies that may greatly benefit your local listing but may not be considered legit by Google

Step #4: Check your website

Very important! You need to make sure that all company’s details match the ones that appear on your website. It is important to have those details (company name, full address, and phone number) on the footer. throughout the website and on your “Contact Us” page.