About Us

We are Brand Guards

Brand-Guards started it’s way as a small part of Informatics Group, an SEO agency back at 2008. At the time we did multiple SEO tasks along with other forms of online advertising that included mostly PPC.

In 2012 we started focusing mostly in the brand protection niche using ``Brand Guard`` and we helped over 500 companies and individuals since then with a success rate of 98% so far (and yes- we're still working on those 2% until we achieve a perfect 100% score).

How Did We Do It ? How did we manage to achieve such an impressive success rate ?


Our “secret sauce” includes the following elements:


  1. Knowledge – We keep on updating with the head of the line influencers, professional blogs conferences, forums & inhouse research
  2. Dedicated Technological Developments – We develop in-house tools that helps us obtaing our target in a MUCH more efficient way
  3. Persistant – Our business focus requires the ability to focus over an ongoing perid of time in order to achieve our goals. Over time that proves itself as acrucial element in our way to success
  4. Skilled Manpower – Each project gets a minimum experience of 45 years of our employees that know EXACTLY what needs to be done to achieve every target


My name is Elad Cohen, 49 years of age, married and a father to 3.

I’ve created Brand Guards in 2012 in order to help companies and individuals clear their names in all cases where.