Clear Negative Results from Google

Brand Guards has developed special techniques, methods and tools to help our customers clear negative and undesired results from top Google search engine’s results We use advanced high-end technological solutions to keep our customers brand name clean and spotless

You Definitely Do Not Want Your Brand To Show Negative Search Results Because It Leads To Loss Of Revenue And Immediate Damage To Sales.

Plenty of customers (businesses and individuals) turn to us with a particularly difficult problem – the individual’s name or company’s name appears in a negative review in the very beginning of Google search results. This results in serious – and often fatal – damage to the brand’s reputation and the company’s marketing and sales system.

The Problem:

There is something a bit misleading about saying we can “remove negative results from Google” because Google does not actually allow removal of any of its results (excluding very specific cases in Europe that meet the guidelines of “the right to be forgotten”). Any attempt to contact Google in the hopes of getting a bad result removed will most probably fail. The main reason for this is that Google is a very specific algorithm that operates without human involvement and simply refers to results that exist on other websites. Google does not take any responsibility for the content displayed throughout the network, and rightfully so – since a search engine’s job is simply to search for diverse content in various places on the Internet.

If you were to try to reach out to Google in an attempt to remove a negative review, here is their answer put simply: if you want to remove a particular result from Google, you must contact the management of the site where the negative result appears. Google will explain that they have nothing to do with the matter, and that you must take it up with the site that has the negative content about your company or yourself. This is where a big problem starts- If there is more than one negative review, Google’s solution to the problem may prove to be difficult, time consuming, and almost impossible – like chasing the wind. Such a task requires full dedication to endless email correspondence, tremendous time allocation, use of expensive lawyers and so on. Plus, every new negative review that comes up requires starting this process and harnessing these recourses all over again. It’s a frustrating, never-ending procedure.

What Can We Do About It?

There are two possible solutions.

  1. The first one is to take legal action against the sites where negative results appear. This option is very expensive because it involves hiring lawyers (for anywhere between $250 up to $1000 per hour) for a long-term, time-consuming operation. It must also be taken into account that as soon as you get the negative content removed, any new bad reviews involves the activation of the whole legal process all over again.
  2. The second solution is through our company, “Brand Guards.” We push the negative content from various websites down to the bottom of the search results, so that this content will appear in totally irrelevant locations that 99% of customers do not reach (third page of the search results onward). This is very specific, difficult and continuous work, but it yields both measurable and satisfactory results at a significantly lower cost compared to all other alternatives.

How Does It Work?

We have a skilled team of professionals that specialize in search engine optimization for every topic as well as a team of experienced content writers at our disposal. Our SEO experts created a search results removal mechanism using complex, accurate tools that work to push negative content from the first pages of Google results and promote companies and individuals who have been damaged by the negative content.

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